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Movie Night Snack & Drink Value Bundle

Movie Night Snack & Drink Value Bundle

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On the sofa, movie or binge series on the television with some tasty snacks and refreshing drinks.

This value packed bundle includes drinks, chocolate, sweets and either popcorn or crisps selected from around the world.

What This Bundle Includes

Two Drinks from a selection of Sodas from around the world such as Fantas, Dr Pepper and the UK’s viral drinks Chaibibi which is available in five flavours.

A Large share bag of crisps or Candy Pop Popcorn. Crisps can range from Germany’s Lays restaurant flavours such as KfC, Subway and Pizza Hut, Takis, Lorenz Crinkle Cut Crisps in flavours such as Kebab. Candy Pop Flavours can range from Oreo, Snickers, Sour Patch Kids and more. If you have a preference for Popcorn or Crisps please contact us.

Two Bars of Chocolate from Around the world such as American KitKats in flavours such as Lemon Crisp, Chocolate Frosted Donut, Indian Snickers in flavours such as Pistachio, Berry Whip or Butterscotch or India’s FiveStar Oreo Bar. These can be substituted for Indonesian Oreos in flavours such as Strawberry Creme, Blueberry Ice Cream or Peanut Butter Chocolate.

Sweets included will be two snack packs of Mike N Ikes or one large pack.

Contents will be sent in sustainable packaging which is beneficial for the environment and kindly donated by local retail partners.

If you have any preferences such as non-spicy or specific drinks from the list please make a ‘note to seller’ upon purchase and these requests will most likely be accommodated.

Chinese Fantas have a date of manufacture and not best before date. Soft Drinks are to be consumed with 18 months of this date.

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