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Kit Kat Mystery Bundle Gift Set

Kit Kat Mystery Bundle Gift Set

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Have A Break Have A Kit Kat.

Included in this set is four different flavoured KitKats from an international selection.

Included may be a King Size Kit Kat, A Chunky plus Regular four finger sized Kit Kats.

These aren’t ordinary Kit Kats these are the tastiest and newest Kit Kats from around the world including flavours such as Chocolate Frosted Donut, Lemon Crisp, Drumstick, Birthday Cake, Strawberry + Dark Chocolate, Churro and More.

The picture does show flavours which may be included and not the actual bundle itself, you are purchasing a bundle of four kitkats. Flavours will vary and new flavours will be included when released.

Packaging is sustainable and kindly donated from local retailers which is positive for the environment

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