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Global Soda Lovers Mystery Box

Global Soda Lovers Mystery Box

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A stunning array of Soft Drinks featuring the most popular Soda brands across the world.

This box will include a mixture of Sodas from the biggest brands and tastiest drinks across the world.

Your box may include Fantas from America and Asia such as China, Singapore, UK rare drinks such as Chaibibi, Coca Cola’s from around the world as well as classic North American Sodas such as Jones Soda or Canada Dry.

Above is a photo showing of what drinks may be included and not literally the box contents itself. Drinks, flavours, brands will change from box to box. Drinks may be included from countries or regions not mentioned.

Your box will contain five drinks selected at random.

The mystery box in photos is a CGI image and will not be the box which your contents is dispatched in.

Boxes will be sent in sustainable packaging kindly donated by local retailers which is positive for the environment.

Asian and Indian Drinks do contain date of manufacture rather than Best Before Date, Sodas are fine to consume 18 months from date of manufacture.

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