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Erling Haaland x Prime Snack Bundle

Erling Haaland x Prime Snack Bundle

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A New Prime A New Bundle. What’s included? One bottle of Eerling Haaland, One KitKat, One Large Bag of Candy Pop and One Wafer Roll from Dubai. In this offering we have a delicious bag of Candy Pop from North America which is Chocolate or Cookie blendid with Popcorn and a delicious snack. We have a Wafer Roll from Dubai which are as rare as they are tasty in flavours of Bounty, Galaxy or Twix. Plus A KitKat from overseas which may be a classic KitKat in a new flavour or a Chunky in an equally tasty flavour.  Not to forget the centre piece of this bundle the new and limited edition Eerling Haaland Prime which is Strawberry Lemonade flavour.

Flavours of items may interchange apart from the Prime Included.

Packaging use will be sustainable which is positive for the environment.


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