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Dandies Maple Flavoured Mini Vegan Marshmallows (105g)

Dandies Maple Flavoured Mini Vegan Marshmallows (105g)

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A BETTER MARSHMALLOW, NOW IN MINI VERSION-Dandies light and fluffy mini marshmallows turn your family favourites into nostalgic treats you can feel good about!
VEGAN & VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY- Marshmallows that contain NO GELATIN, they are completely vegan friendly! This is the magic part of Dandies: no animal products in these marshies!

NATURAL FLAVOURS- Dandies are proud to have been the first ever non-GMO mini marshmallow! You won't find any genetically modified ingredients in our delicious marshmallows.
GLUTEN FREE- Made in a gluten free environment on a dedicated gluten free line, with a strict control of usage and storage of wheat in our facility in accordance with out Allergan Management Program.
BEST WITH- tthese mini marshmallows are perfect for topping a cup of hot cocoa, crispy treats, or snacking straight out of the bag!

Made in the UK.

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