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2x2x2 Snack & Drinks Mystery Bundle

2x2x2 Snack & Drinks Mystery Bundle

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Two Chocolate Bars from Around the World. Two Soda’s from Around the World. Lastly Two Bags of Savoury Snacks which may be either Crisps from around the world or Popcorn or a combination of one each.

Chocolate Bars included may be American, Canadian, European KitKats in rare flavours, Indian Snickers in rare flavours, American Chocolate Candy Bars or Limited Edition Chocolate from Dubai. Crisps will be share bags which can be selected from Lays, Pringles Cheetos plus others. Drinks will be selected from Dr Pepper & Fanta’s from around the world. 

Packaging used will be sustainable which is beneficial for the environment. If you’d like to make any requests please contact us. 

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