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Takis Tortilla Crisps Intense Nacho Non-Spicy (280g)

Takis Tortilla Crisps Intense Nacho Non-Spicy (280g)

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Mix up your snacking with Takis Intense Nacho Artificially flavoured Tortilla Chips and give your taste buds an adventure in intense cheesy flavour. You never know when hunger may strike, so snack preparations are necessary to ensure a distraction-free day. This 280g bag will become an instant favourite and is more than enough to share around. This brand new flavour released in the United States is non-spicy and ideal for ones who want to try Takis and who don’t want that spicy chilli flavour. A delicious addition to the Takis family and an instant favourite on TikTok. Try this share bag now.

Imported from United States.

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