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Super Mario Oreo Cookies Limited Edition (345g)

Super Mario Oreo Cookies Limited Edition (345g)

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Bowser is trying to take over Princess Peach’s castle! Join us and find the right Super Mario OREO cookies to help Mario and the other heroes defeat Bowser and save the kingdom. Participate by scanning the QR code on the back of the pack. Each package of these supremely dunkable chocolate cookies contains OREO cookies with original OREO creme filling between two chocolate wafers that feature unique Super Mario cookie designs.
One 12.2 oz pack of Super Mario themed OREO Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
Chocolate wafers embossed with Super Mario characters and filled with original OREO creme
Each OREO cookie pack features a random assortment of Super Mario character designs
Sandwich cookies are supremely dunkable and great for sharing and entertaining
Super Mario OREO cookies come in a resealable package that keep snack cookies fresh
Kosher certified cookies

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